Second Opinion

It is a medical opinion provided by a second physician or medical expert after the first physician provides a diagnosis or recommends surgery to an individual. Individuals are encouraged to obtain second opinions whenever a physician recommends surgery or presents an individual with a serious medical diagnosis.

Second Surgical Opinion

These are now standard benefits in many health insurance plans. It is an opinion provided by a second physician after one physician recommends surgery to an individual.

Short-Term Disability

An injury or illness that keeps a person from working for a short time. The definition of short-term disability (and the time period over which coverage extends) varies among insurance companies and employers. Short-term disability insurance coverage is designed to protect an individual's full or partial wages during a time of injury or illness (that is not work-related) that would prohibit the individual from working.

Short-Term Medical

Temporary coverage for an individual for a short period of time, usually a term between 30 days and six months.

Small Employer Group

Generally means groups with 199 or fewer employees. The definition may vary between states.

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